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Due to the need to control emissions of particulate in the atmosphere, reclaim raw materials, integrate manufacturing/industrialization processes, or comply with legislation, environmental control systems are becoming more and more important for companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Ventec supplies separation equipment for air pollution control to meet several granulometric standards: Ex.: Cyclones High and Medium performance Separators, Air Washers and Gases with high and medium pressure, Inertial Filters for Fibers (Plates, Bags or Metallic), Rotary Filters, Cartridge Filters, and specially, Jet Pulse Bag Filters, nowadays the first choice for this application worldwide.

Such equipment is generally applied in the separation of solid particles, such as metallic pigments; vegetable and artificial fibers; plastic materials; fertilizers; boiler slag; minerals; metallic slag; lime, wood, ceramics, and cereal dust, etc.

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Ventec Ambiental Equipamentos e Instalações LTDA
A company specialized in equipments for industrial ventilation and pollution control.
Main products: Rotary Valves, Fans, Exhausting and Powder Removal Systems, Ventilation and Pressurization

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